Justice For Allison Jackson Foy

Allison Jackson Foy

March 2, 1972 – July 30, 2008

Thank you for visiting this site which is dedicated to Allison Jackson Foy and our families continued search for justice and resolution in her unsolved homicide. Allison was 34 years old when she went missing on July 30th 2006 from Junction Pub and Billiards in Wilmington North Carolina. Allison left behind two beautiful daughters, a Father, two sisters and a brother along with nieces and nephews and many friends.

Allison was recovered on in April of 2008 along with another set of remains belonging to Angela Nobles Rothen, who went missing a year after Allison. A passerby walking through the woods discovered what was left of these women. Five months later on September 10, 2008 we received confirmation through DNA that one set of those remains was Allison, one part of our journey complete and a new one beginning.

We continue to ask that anyone with information concerning this case please contact the Wilmington PD or CUE Center for Missing Persons or submit a tip through this website, you may remain anonymous. Every piece of information is important and could help us solve this homicide.

I wish to thank all those who have and continue to walk this journey with my family and I. Many of you have missing loved ones yourself, and many of you have become family. Some of you have become the “grace disguised” in my life. Thank you to Monica Caison and CUE for always being there even now, five years later. My family and I are ever grateful and no words will ever be enough! Without you Allison would have never been brought home!

Allison; you will always be missed and loved, there will always be a piece missing from my heart. In your short 34 years you have much to be proud of and a true legacy in your beautiful daughters Courtney and Jordan.  Who knows what you and your life would have become given the chance!

I ask all of you visiting this site to pray for all the missing and their families as well as all who search for them. Too often we only hear of cases that get the national attention and we are enraged by what we see and hear. As someone said to me, “Why aren’t we enraged about the issue instead of just one case?” Good question.

Please consider helping others on this heartbreaking journey by donating to the Allison Jackson Foy Memorial Fund. It is our hope that in Allison’s name others will be helped; therefore all proceeds go directly to CUE Center for Missing Persons. For more information click on the tab at the top of this page.

Our promise is to continue fighting for justice and answers, fighting the good fight and persevering through all always with hope!

Lisa Valentino

Sister of Allison Jackson Foy

CUE Center For Missing Persons- Founder-Monica Caison and Allison’s sister Lisa Valentino

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